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West Coast Professional Basketball League

The West Coast Professional Basketball League was established September 8, 2007. Co-founders Jim Parks,who also served as Commissioner for the first 2 seasons and Curt Pickering, created the mission statement,  philosophies and bylaws. The first game was played April 3, 2008 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition game, featuring the Southern Conference versus the Northern Conference, was played prior to the Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks contest. The regular inaugural season began on April 11, 2008 with 7 teams participating.
Since the inception of the WCBL, outstanding individual talent has graced the hardwood floor with over 220 players securing professional job opportunities in the NBDL, FIBA International Market and Minor Leagues across the USA and Canada. Twelve former NBA players have also showcased their skills and advanced back to basketball employment for International play. The WCBL has also drawn attention due to the likes of former NFL great, Terrell Owens playing for the Santa Barbara Breakers, as well as former Los Angeles Clipper Keith Closs, being featured in SLAM magazine while also shopping his trade for the Breakers.
The WCBL is committed to giving College Seniors, who have exhausted their collegiate eligibility, a” first look” opportunity while playing by NBA rules. This creates an opportunity for NBA and International Scouts to view these players, evaluating their skills versus seasoned professional veterans. Greg Somogyi was named WCBL Rookie of the Year for 2012. This was climaxed by the Los Angeles Lakers signing him for their 2012-13 Training Camp. Somogyi, a 7’3 center from UC Santa Barbara, averaged 11 minutes playing per game during his 4 years of collegiate ball but his opportunity in the WCBL garnered the attention necessary for the Lakers and several other NBA teams to seek his services. Somogyi was the final cut of the Lakers but is now playing professionally in Spain and is planning to return to the USA in the summer of 2013 to give it another shot for an NBA roster spot.
The WCBL has had games televised weekly, along with contests streamlined globally on the internet. Radio networks have also covered games weekly, along with teams receiving newspaper coverage several times per week during the course of the Spring seasons.
Also benefitting in the WCBL has been game officials. Kevin Cutler is now a fulltime game official in the NBA and 3 additional referee’s are employed in the NBDL, the NBA’s developmental League.
The WCBL has played internationally in China, Mexico and Holland. They have also participated in the Global Basketball League in Las Vegas.
The following teams have squared off against WCBL All Star teams:
Afghanistan National Team
Korean National Team

League Structure

The West Coast Pro Basketball League’s (WCBL) primary goal is to provide exciting, quality, professional basketball and affordable family entertainment to local fans during the spring months of April, May and June. The primary focus was to assist mid-size communities in developing outstanding, profitable organizations that are built on stable management, skilled players, quality coaches and sound business practices.

The WCBL was a 20-game league schedule running through the months of April, May and June, prior to the beginning of both the NBA summer league in July and the European professional leagues in August and September. This strategy allowed all players without NBA contracts to play in the WCBL and prepare themselves to play in other professional leagues. The WCBL was considered to be the most cost efficient professional development league in existence!

The schedule was constructed so that each team would play two games per weekend: one at home and one on the road. The games were played at small or mid-sized venues such as local community colleges or a high school gyms with seating capacities of 900-1800 spectators.

The league featured 8 teams from the West Coast of the United States. Below are the different standings from each season along with a list of stat leaders.



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