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League Staff Writter – 10/21/2009

There may be no greater heartbreak in losing a basketball game than to have your opponent nail a three-pointer at the buzzer. Such was the case as the Santa Barbara Breakers experienced a painful 88-87 loss to the Brazil Universites Club Team, a squad they beat by 25 points the night before. It probably did not help that Chinese referee’s changed the score twice, deleting 1 and 2 points on two different ocaasions from the Breakers score. After scoring a Breaker free throw, the point was erased a play later, nullifying the point and then later in the third quarter, after scoring a basket for the Breakers, referee’s determined, via pressure from scoretable officials and Brazilian staff, that a basket should not count. Nevertheless, Santa Barbara dug themselves in a hole early in the game and trailed 23-8 after one quarter of play. As has been the pattern on the 9 game tour in China, the Breakers defense stiffened, the offense began executing and the Breakers cut the deficit to 40-29 at halftime. The third quarter was owned by the Breakers (29-19) but they could only muster an even 29-29 scoring match in the fourth quarter. The Breakers had the lead 87-85 with 14 seconds left in the game. Unable to get the ball inside, the Breakers were down to 3 seconds on the shot clock. Raheem Moss launched a 25 footer which missed the mark. Brazil called time out, received the ball at halfcourt and when play ensued, they drove the ball to the top of the key, received their patented high post screen and as the Breaker defense converged in the paint, their point guard found Eli Rossi alone in the corner. Rossi pumped fake a Breaker defender and lofted a three pointer at the buzzer. The ball hit nothing but net and a painful Breakers squad walked off the floor in defeat. Leading the way for the Breakers were Leonard Mosley’s 18, Terrance Thomas’s 16, Raheem Moss’s 12, Chris Keller’s 11 and Dwuan Rice’s 10. The Breakers were edged in rebounds at 40-37. The Breakers did not help themselves at the free throw line, netting only 13-24, yet compensated with 8-20 from three point land. The loss ended the 2009 Chinese Tour for the Breakers with a 6-3 win-loss record. The Breakers now return home after the 17 day journey and are preparing for tournaments at the Holiday Breaks in November and December. For the latest news on the Breakers, log on to www.breakersbasketball.com For information about tickets, sponsorships, employment, internship or future Breaker games, call the Team Office at 969-7542.

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