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I make no apologies for the 18-0 basketball season just completed by our Santa Barbara Breakers Professional Basketball Team. A perfect season cannot be accomplished on skills and desire alone. What I learned over the past 12 weeks was the dynamics of ten young men willingly placing their well-equipped ego’s on the backburner; something that normally is about as consistent as Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton staying out of the Tabloid news.

The challenge all season long was to pursue the quest for victory, one game at a time. In thirty years of coaching, I have experienced many a nights where I assume that we will duplicate a great performance on the hardwood floor, like the previous game. To my chagrin, I would be pulling my hair out and riding the referee’s, frustrated that my team was self-destructing, nowhere near, playing the game as it should be played, with near-perfection mentally, emotionally, spirtually and physically.

What I witnessed this season was 10 players who listened, carried out their assignments like soldiers and spewed the game with passion both on and off the floor. We actually had 10 individuals who liked each other and covered each others backside again, on and off the court.

I have always liked the Word game so I will share with you what each player represents to the Breakers Success this year:

Josh Merrill Leadership

Justin Johnson Desire

Shantay Legins Charismatic

Tim Taylor Classy

Mark Peters Flashy

Allan Purnell Glue

Adam Zahn Soaring

Rashid Byrd Dynamic

Jeremy Vague Loving

Sheldon Bailey Sincere

Jerry Dupree Resilient

Tyler Newton Maturing

Jeff McMillian Unselfish

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