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Leaving China

11/3/2008 Our final two days were spent in none other than one of my two favorite cities, Shanghai. Do I need to tell you how we spent our final hours there? At this point, I shouldn’t think so. What I will share with you is a few qualities or items about China that has been overlooked so far. Traveling on the highways: It is an absolute madhouse with no violations …Read More

Five Days Remain

10/29/2008 Our 25 day journey was quickly coming to an end. Two games remained on the schedule. Up to this point, the travel within the country had been great, other than lugging our baggage up and down steep stairs at the train station. We were not prepared for our next travel arrangements. Due to National Holidays being held during the week, many of the Chinese population utilized this time to …Read More

History of Dr. Naismith in Mongolia

Coach Curt Pickering – 10/27/2008 Our day was treated with a flight out of the gorgeous Beijing Airport, not to mention the players’ lustful sprint to the infamous Burger King. The Chinese government obviously wanted to impress the world as fans and athletes made their way into the country for the 2008 Olympics held in August. They did not disappoint anyone. We enjoyed visiting shops during the two hour wait …Read More

Beijing and the Great Wall of China

Coach Curt Pickering – 10/23/2008 Twelve days prior to departing for China, Mr. Han, our Basketball sponsor, had emailed me and asked if we wanted to spend 3 days in Beijing and see all the landmark sights. I emailed and called the players and they immediately said yes. So, our next trip from Fuxin was the beautiful city of Beijing, where the 2008 Olympics had just been completed. The country …Read More

And the band played on…

10/20/2008 Have you ever thought what it was like to be a Rock Star and go on the road for a month traveling in planes, trains, automobiles, plus busses? Over the next week, that is what we experienced. After our heart breaking, floor slipping loss in Qianshan, we left AFTER the game for a 5 hour bus trip to Nanjing. What this allowed was for us to sleep on the …Read More

Flight 586, Chinese food, 1st Week of Games

10/18/2008 The much anticipated day finally arrived-September 16. Our flight departure from Los Angeles Airport was scheduled to leave at 1:30pm. China Eastern Airlines recommended a two hour preparation time for passport/baggage procedures and gate check-in. We departed Santa Barbara fashionably late (9:30a,), not by design but divine anxiety. Fortunately, for a Tuesday morning, traffic was very light on the 101 and the 405 highways. By 11:05am, we were walking …Read More

Visa’s and Practicing

10/16/2008 For the month of July, I dedicated it to being a proud Dad. My son Sage, age 11, competes with basketball for time with his dad during the heart of the basketball season (some would say that is January thru December). So, July began with a trip to Los Angeles for the Kobe Bryant Camp while Santa Barbaran’s were consumed with the Gap Fire and its potential catastrophe. We …Read More

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